Friday, 12 September 2014

Authors to Note: Marian Keyes

Last month I brought you a favourite crime author and this month I've decided to profile an author from an entirely different genre; one of my favourite chick-lit writers. I have to admit my hate for the naming of this genre as it sort of implies airy fairy women's stories about love and shopping and not much else, but I know that you know there are so many absolute gems of this genre to read.

Marian Keyes manages to take a blimmin' whopper of a subject matter - say alcoholism, infidelity, bereavement and not only shape heart warming stories around them, she somehow manages to make these subjects relatable, realistic and completely un-daunting to explore not to mention that her books are ridiculously hilarious and will make you snort with laughter one minute and want to cry the next.

My favourite book from Marian Keyes is Rachel's Holiday. Good-times girl Rachel's hard partying ways catch up with her when she finds herself forcibly checked into a rehab centre after a near overdose. Despite the heavy subject matter, this is both a funny and touching story as Rachel faces her demons.

I would thoroughly recommend checking out the Welsh family series of books which chronicle four Irish sisters (each book is a different sisters story); Watermelon, Rachel's Holiday, Angel and Anybody Out There. This Charming Man, The Other Side of the Story and Sushi For Beginners are also some of my favourites of hers.

For an author who writes predominantly in the chick-lit genre her books will delight both fans of the genre and (i'm sure) those that wouldn't pick up a pink book cover with a barge pole. Not only do her books have heart and tackle some pretty serious subject matters they are also a lot of fun to read.


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