Monday, 8 September 2014

Little Details #1

Because sometimes it's the little details in life that can make you smile. Here is what is making my Monday a little bit brighter.

1. Cheap and cheerful flowers to celebrate the beginning of Spring! Also discovering that a tall water glass makes a good vase when no other options are appropriate.

2. New magazines to peruse including a totally inspiring find - Renegade Collective, which also has the swoon-worthy Ryan Gosling on the front cover (I'll admit that it was entirely his face that made me pick this up in the first place). Plus the latest Elle to get me into the mood of Spring fashion and beauty, not that I need any inspiring or convincing to buy things.

3. Lighting my favourite candle on a decidedly un-Springy wet and wild day and filling the air with the scents of apple and mimosa.

4. Duty free makeup purchases which make ridiculously expensive foundations kinda affordable. (If your idea of affordable is living on beans on toast for the next two weeks, don't mind if I do.) Also wearing said purchase (Chanel Vitalumiere foundation) and discovering that beans on toast for the next two weeks is totally worth it.

Happy Monday! What little details are making your day brighter?

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