Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Be A Woman By Caitlin Moran

Part autobiography part feminist rant, How to be a Woman is an unashamedly frank look at feminism and womanhood through the eyes of columnist and all-around bad ass Caitlin Moran. There isn't a topic too off-limits or embarrassing for Caitlin to tackle, everything from sex, love, fashion, hair-removal, pornography, weddings, babies and abortion gets a look in. And, unflinchingly Caitlin lays her experiences with all of these things bare. Raw, funny, heartbreaking and hilarious in turns, How to Be A Woman is an unapologetic look at what it means to be a modern woman.

This is surely one of the funniest feminist books and more approachable to the modern girl than anything I've read before. If one thing is for sure it is that Caitlin has had her fair share of experiences to justify writing such a book. I jest in saying that this book is part feminist rant, because it really doesn't read like one.

What I loved about reading How to be a Woman is that Caitlin takes a funny and intelligent look things that as woman we often just don't think about or have become so ingrained in our society we often don't give them a second thought. What is this fascination with women and torturous and uncomfortable shoes? why do women's magazines always preach the importance of owning a designer handbag? and am I still sane for not thinking my wedding day will be the greatest day of my life?

Intelligently put together, witty and with some of the best quotes I've ever snorted coffee over this is definitely a must read. If you have ever felt like you are failing at being a woman, How to be a Woman will set you straight.


  1. I love a good chuckle & women's issues are super important. Sounds like a good, relatable, & relevant read. Sounds like she covers it all! :] // ☼ ☯

    1. Definitely. If you feel like having a laugh it's well worth reading!


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