Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Real Techniques v Sigma Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes there are so many options ranging from the very high end to the low. I've had my Sigma brushes for well over a year now and having recently picked up some additonal brushes from Real Technique I thought I would do a comparison of the two low-end brands to see how they fare against each other.

There are a tonne of great brushes on offer from both of these affordable brands and while I haven't tried all of them out there was definitely some clear winners in my beauty brush stash.

Applying foundation for the first time with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush it was pretty obvious what the hype surrounding these brushes was for. For buffing in and moving product around the face the Real Techniques brush is miles better. It really buffs product into the skin to leave a flawless complexion and makes a small amount of product go a long way. I have a couple of problems with the Sigma Round Kabuki brush, the main one being how much product it absorbs during application. Because of this it's also a bi-atch to clean and takes roughly three times as long as any of my other brushes, and a million years to dry. Although the Real Techniques brush is only available in the Core Collection kit which comes with four brushes in total, it's well worth the price as the other brushes are all pretty good too.

I picked up the Real Techniques Blush brush and originally thought that because of its massive size I would only use it for applying bronzer around my face. In fact it's such a soft and lightweight brush that it deposits powder really well on the cheeks, much better than my Sigma contour brush. I always find with the Sigma one I need to give it quite a few taps to remove excess product first and even then on first application I can be left with a rather rosy looking dot on my face where the colour goes on but isn't blended out that well.

I haven't tried any Real Techniques brushes for the eyes but the Sigma brushes do really standout in this category. While they aren't as soft for blending as something a bit more expensive from MAC or Napoleon, they do what they say on the tin, applying eyeshadow with no fallout to the lids, blending and generally just being well worth the $10-$15 pricetag I've paid for them.

As far as face brushes go Real Techniques have come up trumps. I didn't mention how soft they are either, they are the softest brushes I've ever used and yet are completely cruelty free and synthetically made which is a huge plus!

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