Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

It's hard to describe just how much I adored The Rosie Project. It's the type of story words like 'gorgeous' were made for describing. As I came closer to finishing its final pages I at least felt happy in the knowledge that there is already a follow up novel The Rosie Effect to put on my must read list.

Professor of genetics Don Tillman lives an efficient and highly organised life. Despite being good looking and highly intelligent, Don is also socially awkward and oblivious to many social 'norms', which is probably why he is still single. After one too many dates that end in disaster Don creates The Wife Project; a 16 page questionnaire designed to help him find the most compatible partner who will hopefully become his wife.

While Don is busy implementing The Wife Project he meets the beautiful Rosie - who is on a mission of her own to find her biological father. Rosie is smoker, almost vegetarian and never on time, three traits that alone have her failing Don's perfect partner test - but there are some problems that science alone cannot solve and love is one of them.    

Don is both hilarious, awkward, adorable, charming and infuriating in turns. With Don as the narrator we get an insight into his oddly rational way of thinking, but that is what really makes this book a stand-out. Getting inside his mind reveals him to be a complex, caring person who on the outside is very much an oddball, but on the inside has a lot of heart. Despite the fact that he is an oddball, Simsion has managed to create a very real and endearing character in Don Tillman.

A gorgeously odd, heartwarming and utterly charming novel. If you fancy reading something that makes you smile I can't recommend The Rosie Project enough. 

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