Thursday, 16 October 2014

Things I've Learnt From...Beauty Blogs

If there is one thing that I read more than books it would have to be blogs. I read a lot of blogs but one of my favourite topics to read about would have to be beauty. Here are ten things I have been introduced to through my love of beauty blogs.

The importance of the Pre-Cleanse. Ever since I have started removing makeup before cleansing I have noticed a marked improvement in the way my skin looks and feels at night. Cleaner, fresher, less gunkier, if you are wearing makeup either pre-cleanse or double cleanse for a truly clean face.

Bioderma is a miracle worker. And my weapon of choice for the pre-cleanse would have to be Bioderma. I wasn't expecting to even be able to find this easily in Australia considering how elusive it seems to be in English stores. Low and behold my local pharmacy stocks bottles of the stuff and it's been a staple on my bathroom shelf ever since. Not only is it ah-may-zing at removing stubborn eye make-up like nuthin' else, I like to pack a bottle of this if I'm going camping or staying overnight somewhere but don't want to pack my whole stash of cleansing products.

High and low is where it's at. I will admit to being a makeup product snob before blogs pointed me in the direction of the best in pharmacy brands. It's no suprise that my makeup bag was previously always in dire need of something when shelling out $40-60 for bronzers, foundations, blushers and the like are always running out. Now I have a nice balance of high and low brands giving what every girl really wants in her stash, options and ones that don't break the bank.

Contouring. I wouldn't say I can now contour like a Kardashian but my bronzer cheek-defining skills have definitely improved tenfold, to the point where I actually look like I have some cheekbone action going on.

Bronze, blush, highlight. My approach to 'doing' my face with anything after foundation used to consist of me just swirling brushes haphazardly around my cheeks until I either looked over-blushed to the point of looking sunburnt or deeply deeply tanned. Since then I've learnt where to bronze, blush and highlight and the importance of a light hand in application.

Bourjois. My holy grail of pharmacy brands, I had actually never even heard of Bourjois before I read beauty blogs. Now they make some of my favourite products and I've discovered that pharmacy brand foundations aren't as scary as they used to be.

The importance of a skincare routine. I'm still working on actually getting a few options together for when my skin is more breakout prone, dryer or oilier but for the first time in my life I actually have a good range of products that I know how to apply in the right order and my skin has noticable improved since following a consistent routine.

Dehydration and oily skin. Having learnt that most people have deydrated skin, even if your skin is oily has been something of a revelation. Enter hydrating products into my skincare routine a marked improvement in the plumping factor of my face.

Concealer after foundation. Well I don't know where this blatant and confusing lie regarding concealer application before foundation comes from but all I know is that I'm now doing it right.

The importance of eyebrows. Okay well this one has been known to me for a while. Having a makeup artist for a sister meant she was always preaching the importance of having a well defined brow but just how much they enhance your face and really make you look pulled together, now you're preachin' to the converted.

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