Thursday, 20 November 2014

Authors to Note: Joanne Harris

A few years ago now, a little book by the name of Chocolat was released and set the world alight for Joanne Harris. Chocolat would have to be my standout pick of her work but there is also plenty more on offer from this author who made us fall in love with chocolate and gave the world the gift that was Johnny Depp playing Roux in the film version. (If you are wondering I think the while the film is brilliant the book is even better.) If you haven't read Chocolat - a new visitor to a small French town Vianne Rocher causes a stir when she opens a chocolate shop in the town during the lead up to lent. It's a beautifully written story that mixes magic realism with drool worthy confectionary descriptions.

Five Quarters of the Orange, Blackberry Wine, Chocolat and The Lollipop Shoes (also known as The Girl with No Shadow, it's the follow up to Chocolat) are all standouts. A lot of Harris' books are set in small villages in France and being half French half English herself, perhaps that is where her love of food comes from.

Defintely books to check out if like me you love reading about food. Harris has the ability to weave a touching story around the lives of her idyllic villagers all the while having you hungering for something to eat.

Have you read any of Joanne Harris' books?

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