Sunday, 23 November 2014

Moreish Organic Skincare Review

You know that dreaded moment when multiple skincare products run out at the same time, and an online order that costs an arm and a leg is just something you don't want to do? This time rather than waiting I decided to opt for something I could pick up from the pharmacy that wouldn't cost me half my pay check but would still deliver results.

My usual mooch around the aisles of Priceline lead me to discover a new brand to me: Moreish skincare and let me tell you it ticks a lot of the boxes. Organic, natural skincare at a reasonable price. I picked up the Moreish Cream Cleanser, Exfoliator and Clay Mask to add to my stash and have been using them in conjunction with my usual moisturisers and serums.

First impressions: The Cream Cleanser smells amazing, kind of citrus-like but not in a synthetic way and it feels really gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft afterward. I've actually never used an exfoliator before but this one is so gentle. The exfoliating beads are very small and feel like tiny granules of sand as I buff it into my skin. The Clay Mask smells the same as the cleanser and after applying and washing it off my face my skin feels soft after use.

Week 1: Since using the Clay Mask the right side of my face has broken out in blemishes majorly. I literally have about eight pimples that have come to the surface and there are more blemishes that look like they want to rear their heads.

Week 2:  The blemishes have cleared as quickly as they appeared (about 2-3 days). I've been using the Clay Mask once a week and the exfoliator 2-3 times a week. Skin is clearer this week and the texture of my skin is smoother than usual.

Week 3: This last week I've only been wearing tinted moisturiser and concealer as my skin has been pretty good. I definately find that im getting smaller breakouts and less large spots that exist under the skin for a long time.

Verdict: Overall I have noticed the difference using an exfoliator and clay mask has made to my skin. Blemishes seem to appear and heal a lot quicker than before and my skin's texture is smoother in general. I think if you already use an exfoliator and clay mask and they work for you then these products aren't going to make much of a difference but if you are looking for an affordable, organic skincare brand Moreish certainly deliver on clean and fresh feeling skin.

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