Sunday, 28 December 2014

L'Oreal Perfecting Skincare Range: A Three Product Review

I've always thought of L'Oreal as more of a makeup brand than a skincare one but there's no denying they have a pretty impressive range of the latter as well. I picked up three products from their Skin Perfection range which is aimed at women in their 20s and 30s. The not-so-nice thing about being in your twenties and having skin issues is that pimples and the first signs of ageing can both be a reality.

L'Oreal Perfection Serum
I have been loving using this serum as it is so lightweight on my skin and feels very plumping and moisturising on any dry patches. The only thing that gets me is the claim to be 'perfecting' as I honestly can't see a difference in my skin before or after use. I had quite a few breakouts in the first few days before I started using it, but to my eyes I couldn't see a lick of difference in the appearance of my redness/blemishes that this is supposed to help 'perfect.' All in all it is a wonderful serum though, the consistency is quite light which I really like and my skin feels really smooth after use.

L'Oreal Correcting Day Moisturiser
Another real winner for me the correcting day moisturiser is a great consistency for my combination skin. In summer I suffer from more dry patches then usual and this is wonderful for being light and sinking into the skin while giving a great boost of hydration. Again I'm just not sold on the 'correcting' thing. My redness and blemishes don't look any different after use so I can't help but think this part isn't delivering on the results.

L'Oreal BB Cream
In the past I've tried BB Creams that are nothing more than tinted moisturisers and I have to say that the L'Oreal 5-in1 perfecting BB Cream falls into this category. I found mixed results with the formula of this cream as well, as some days it felt great on my skin and others I felt like an oil slick had appeared over my forehead and cheeks. This is a tinted BB cream and as far as I can tell the only 'perfecting' qualities come from the fact that the tint disguises my redness and blemishes rather than any amazing ingredient properties. I really think BB Creams are just something the western market are failing at in general and this was overall a fairly disappointing product.

So there you go, two wins and a loss from the L'Oreal Perfecting range which isn't too bad. Despite the fact that the serum and moistuiser don't seem to have any perfecting qualities that I can visibly see results from they are great products in other ways. There's also a L'Oreal Blur perfecting cream which I haven't tried out but if you have let me know what you thought!


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