Thursday, 12 February 2015

Confessions of A Book Blogger

Whether they be annoying habits that you have as a reader or just things born out of habit I thought I would explore some of my book related quirks.

Not being able to not finish a book. I have a real problem with just leaving a book midway through, even if it really sucks I feel loathe to just abandon it. I'm like this with movies too, it pains me to not know the endings to even sucky things. 

Judging books by there covers especially if they look 'old'. If we aren't supposed to judge them by their cover then why, prey tell do they even have cover art in the first instance? My habit of judging books by their covers especially when it comes to picking up anything that looks like it's historically set actually fares me pretty well. It's also the reason I hardly pick anything up that is pink or overly girly looking.

Re-reading books. I see my bookshelf as a set of old friends (okay not literally, I am not that sad and friendless) that I can invite back into my life time and again, sentimental non? Seriously though if I think a book is brilliant once it's usually just as brilliant the fourth or fifth time. 

Being picky about the books I buy. I'm actually an avid library user and don't buy every book I read. Usually through my trusty judgement skills (see point two) I can deduce which books will earn a lofty spot on my bookshelf.

I don't actually have a bookshelf. Due to renovations of our humble abode, hating to own too much furniture and the fact that half of my books live in storage in New Zealand, *breathe* my current books reside in a sad looking banana box. I know, book bloggers everywhere shed a tear. 

I will always be pro paper. (Because one day I will sort my shit out about that bookcase and my books will be on display.) But curse my boyfriends kindle every time we travel and I am lugging my books to the airport. I took three paperbacks to Borneo for the week. There is something not right about that.

So, it's time for you to come clean, what are your bad book habits?

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