Monday, 23 March 2015

Blogging Cliches I'm Totally Guilty Of

I've been reading blogs for a loooong time (almost eight years now) and since become a blogger myself there are some traits and habits I've definitly picked up on from reading and writing. I like to think these are habits I've picked up because of my love for the medium!

Candle hoarding. I blame beauty and lifestyle blogs for this one! There is just something so luxe about having a beautiful candle burning away in the background and to be honest, candles weren't something I ever bought or were really into before I read blogs. Now, one of my first ever posts was me professing my love for the amazing Glasshouse candles.

Being obsessed with beuaty-blogger recommendations. I've only been a recent convert to beauty blogs after getting sick of spending money on higher-end makeup. Now every time I see new products raved about I'm ready to make a beeline to my nearest pharmacy/department store/online beauty outlet for all of the blushers/lipsticks/primers I probably don't need.

Being 'obsessed' with things. Why is everyone in the blogging world always 'obsessed' with everything? I don't know why but I am too. It's fast replaced any other word to describe liking things in general. You could say I'm obsessed (ha.) Someone buy me a thesaurus.

Taking photos before you can use things. That makeup you just bought, that cake you just baked, that mint condition book that just got brought home. Nothing can be used until I've photographed it 50 times in ten different locations.

Wanting all of the cool-girl blogger things. I know I don't need them but if someone were to give me a Canon 600D, a Macbook and deck my (non-existant) home office out in white with accents of gold I wouldn't be stopping them. Just saying'.



  1. Hahaha I totally get the being obsessed with things! I'm obsessed with Mariah Carey right now. *shrugs* / creative + lifestyle blog

  2. Hysterical! I can relate with the imaginary home office thingy though. I even have a dedicated board of it on my Pinterest account. I keep telling my self someday I'll own this too, but deep down I know my true office is at work and I have no intention to bring it home :/

    Talking about recipes, how do you decide which one to try?

    1. yes! I have no need for a home office but it doesn't stop me from looking at pretty chairs and desks and artwork to hang above it. I usually use receipes I've used for ages, a lot of these are ones my mum used to make!


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