Thursday, 19 March 2015

Book Related Pet Peeves

For the most part I'm a pretty happy chappy when it comes to book blogging, but today I'm going all Peter Griffin on you and sharing the things that really grind my gears (in a totally first-world problems kinda way). In my ideal book world none of these would ever happen:

Over-use of adjectives. I can't stand to read books that stuff as many overly discriptive words into each sentence and then proceed to repeat these discriptions each paragraph. If you told me the description in one sentence you don't need to describe it again...and again...and again.

Lending a mint looking book that comes back...faded, bent, like some small child has smeared things throughout it. I'm all for having well loved and well read-looking books but if it's only been read once  please don't return it looking like it's been waved about in a small hurricane. I'm too polite to tell this to you in person, but just know I will be disappointed.

Book reviews that hate on the writer. Guess what? Writers aren't their characters! Meaning that when you hate their book because you hate what their character has done they probably don't want to receive your email smarting them over being whatever you think they are but probably aren't.

Sequals/trilogies/series that haven't been clearly thought out. You know the ones? You read the first book and love it. Then the author clearly gets given a bit of cash and a contract to keep dragging whatsername and whatchamacallit through every event/historical happening of the time until you actually do feel like writing them an email telling them 'you've flogged a dead horse, it's time to let it go.'

Movie version book covers. Most book covers are pretty generic anyway in order to target their audiences easily but enough of the 'floating heads' movie versions please!

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