Thursday, 26 March 2015

My 'Don't Forget These Books' List

I have plenty of lists both written in pen, saved on Apps and kept in my head of books on my to be read list, but I also keep a special list on my phone for books I stumble across and am scared I'll forget about. Whenever I'm on the go and come across some inspiration and don't want to forget it I add it to my list. Check out my titles below!

The Lions Mouth by Anne Holt. I've read some really good Scandinavian crime fiction (honestly can they do anything wrong?!) and this Norweigan political/crime thriller caught my attention perely because it fits into that category. Although it is the fourth in the series it doesn't look like that matters.
Plot: When the Norwegian Prime Minister is found dead her death shakes the country to it's core. Was it an assassination or revenge killing? Finding her killer will unearth scandals and secrets that the public must be kept from.

The Diviners by Libba Bray. Murder, mysteries and a backdrop of 1920s speakeasies and flapper girls. This book has all the settings of an intriguing and lively whodunnit.
Plot: 1926, Evie O'Neill has been sent off to live with her eccentric uncle Will in New York City. His obsession with all things occult has Evie worried though - that he will discover her own dark secret - a supernatural power that so far, has only brought her trouble. When a murdered girl is found branded with an occult symbol, Will is called on to help and Evie realises she can use her gift to help solve the murder.

Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin. I'm not usually big into romance novels but this book has enough of a nod to historical fiction to have me intrigued. Plus, not gunna lie the cover totally caught my eye.
Plot: In 1875, Sisi, the Empress of Austria has everything a woman could want, but is desperately unhappy. Sick of the suffocating etiquette of the Hapsburg Court and her dull husband Franz Joseph, Sisi travels to England to hunt. She comes looking for escape and finds it in the form of Captain Bay Middleton who is engaged to a rich and doting fiancee. Will duty of love win out for the Empress?

Submarine by Joe Dunthorne. I'm a big fan of quirky books with small stories and oddball characters which I guess is why Submarine looks so appealing.
Plot: Precocious teenager Oliver Tate lives in Swansea, Wales. Oliver is navigating his way through solving the mysteries of his adolescence such as what is causing his parents marriage to collapse, why his classmate Jordana Bevan is so alluring to him and where he fits in amongst the mystifying and confusing people around him. 


  1. So how was Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin? I adore the cover.

    1. It's still on my TBR list! But I'll put up a review when I get to it. Yes that cover is gorgeous it's what had me do a double take and put it on my reading list.


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