Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Bake & Cook Bookshelf

In the past I haven't had a very good run of buying recipe books that I actually read or turn to when I'm stuck for ideas for dinner. So without further ado I've put together a bookshelf bursting with delicious recipe books that if, like me, you like to get handy in the kitchen but also like to keep it simple then these recipe books should spark some creative cooking.

The Free-Range Cook by Annabel Langbein. Pretty much any of Annabel Langbein's recipe books are amazing so I don't think you can go too far wrong. Amazing seasonal recipes that are quite easy to make but super impressive. My mum has a copy of this book and I really really want one of my own.

Donna Hay. Simple fuss free cooking is what Donna Hay is all about, but don't be fooled into thinking her recipes are unimpressive. Sometimes simple but thoughtfully prepared food has the biggest impact. I bought a copy for my sister last year for Christmas and had a good squizz at the recipes before I wrapped it. Needless to say now I want one for myself.

Treats from Little and Friday by Kim Evans. Holy mother of mouthwatering goodness. Even if you never made a single recipe out of this book it is worth picking up just to drool over all the deliciousness inside its pages. If ever I'm in Auckland anytime soon (and not just passing through the airport) the Little and Friday Cafe is firmly on my must-visit list. Swoon and drool over all the pretty pastries, cakes and slices they serve up daily in their cafe.

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. Half lifestyle overhaul half recipe guide, I've just finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's smart and realistic advice. Her recipes use similar ingredients which means you won't have expensive and half used bags of fancy rices and flours cluttering up your kitchen. She has also been so thoughtful to cover the hardest meals of the day to go sugar free in, meaning you're covered for ideas on breakfast, snacks and desserts.

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward. The blogger with an amazing recipe collection has just released her first cookbook and it's filled to the brim with healthy but easy to make recipes that will leave you feeling full and satiated. Who doesn't like the sound of healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes to fuel your body that actually taste great.

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