Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Two Authors I'm Adding To My Reading List

Ben Elton and Kate Mosse are two authors whose names I've seen on bookshelves many times before but I've never actually made the effort to read anything from. With both these authors releasing books recently that have my interest piqued I thought it was time to take a look at their past works.

Ben Elton. The book that has me intrigued is Time and Time Again, a historically set book about time travel which I'm totally loving the sound of. Elton is better know for his books that take on popular culture and satirically analysing it in a humourous and thought provoking way. Elton is also well known for his contributions to television and theatre as he has written scripts for some of the best comedy and musical theater that has been performed which often comes through in his writing. I'm looking forward to adding Dead Famous, Popcorn and High Society to my reading list.

Kate Mosse. Author of The Taxidermists Daughter a historical fiction novel which mixes murder and mystery Kate Mosse is an author I have never thought to explore before. Mosse's books The Winter Ghosts and Labyrinth are both set in the Pyranese mountains and have a past and present setting within their plot lines as well as an air of adventure about them.

Havve you read anything from Kate Mosse or Ben Elton before?

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