Monday, 20 April 2015

Addictive Crime Fiction: The Son by Jo Nesbo

Hook, line and sinker this novel had me caught from the opening pages into the complicated plotline of Oslo's criminal world and one man known as 'The Son'. At eighteen Sonny's life has spiralled into that of an addict. After the suicide of his father, a policeman whose corruption and subsquent guilt lead him to take his own life, Sonny turns to the criminal world - he gets all the drugs he needs and goes down for the crimes of others.

After twelve years of living the high life, literally, the truth is revealed to him in prison regarding the death of his father, he wasn't corrupt and he wasn't a police mole. Sonny knows what he has to do and will stop at nothing to bring down those responsible for his fathers death and the crimes he has been serving time for.

Nesbo has a nack for telling complicated storylines with ease and I was seriously invested in this story within the first few chapters. Throw in the sidestories of the Oslo investigators, corrupt prison warders and underground criminals all searching for Sonny and this novel really started to crack a pace. Combined with the fact that every character seems to be well thought out and so humanly brought to the page this is one of the best crime books I've ever read.

But Nesbo wouldn't be a crime writer if he didn't make a twisted ending for us. As Sonny goes on his rampage to avenge his fathers death, the truth about his father is revealed. I never would have guessed the multiple plot twists which really had me applauding this book as a fantastic crime read. If you have never been that into reading crime novels I would still fully recommend picking up The Son. With many mysterious elements and not much grisly or creepy bits it makes for an addictive read.

Have you read The Son or any of Jo Nesbo's crime novels? Let me know what you think!


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