Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to Get Out of a Reading Rut

Last year, before I had even started my blog I went through a bit of a reading rut. I was still reading books but it seemed like everything I picked up was uninspiring and I was losing interest merely chapters into any given book. For someone who loathes to leave books unfinished, I was barely giving them enough time to grab my attention before I would get bored and want to abandom them. So, in the course that I go through a lacklustre spell like this again, I've put together a few thoughts on how to get out of a reading rut.

Give yourself a break. Obviously if you have a book blog, a reading rut can effect more than just what you read (which is why it's always good to have some other topics to chat about). But I really think taking a break is the best thing. We read because we enjoy it and the day that it becomes more of a chore than an enjoyable past time is the day you should take up another hobby. Not forever of course but if you need a week or two off you may just find your interest returning.

Switch it up. I've burnt myself out before by reading too many similar books. I think I went through a period of reading lots of historical fiction set in post-WW1 Britain while at the same time watching Downton Abbey and everything started to resemble one another. Switch things up by going for a genre you wouldn't usually pick or...

Re-read an old favourite. Sometimes if I read a few books in a row that I haven't really enjoyed it's nice to revisit a well-loved book in my collection. And if I'm feeling uninspired and lazy reading a favourite is a sure fire way that I know I'm going to enjoy the book plus I don't have to work too hard.

Question your attention span. We live in a world of shortening attention spans. Spending time on social media, reading short and sweet blog posts and web articles all contribute. Less time spent on devices can greatly help me get back into reading as I find my mind isn't wandering off after 140 characters or wondering if something more exciting is happening without me. 

Try an audio-book. It's like reading but you don't even have to open your eyes! What could be better?

Do you have any great suggestions for getting out of a reading rut?


  1. Re-reading an old favourite and using an audio book are two things I have used with success to get out of a reading rut and sometimes joining a reading challenge or a read along also works well in getting me back into reading. Managing time online is good advice, it can become a terrible distraction from reading. Nothing more depressing than a reading rut.

    1. A reading challenge is a good idea. I think it's just anything that changes things up from your usual routine can be a big help.

  2. All great tips! Rereading an old favourite always helps me, without a doubt!
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