Monday, 13 April 2015

The Satirical Fiction Book Review: Chart Throb by Ben Elton

Ben Elton is the ultimate writer of satirical fiction. Chart Throb is laugh out loud funny in parts and bang on the nail when it comes to mocking the world of reality television. If you are in the mood for a bit of snarky humour I thoroughly recommend picking this book up.

Chart Throb, a reality pop show has surpassed the popularity of it's predecessors Idol and X Factor and is now the biggest music reality show worldwide. It's three judges, (who all mirror the judges from these shows, you know the ones - the scary Simon Cowell's, mothering Paula Abdul's and bland as a dishrag other judge) are on a quest to find the UK's next Chart Throb. 95,000 hopefuls will line up and get their chance at stardom but there can be only one winner, one Chart Throb.

Except that the 95,000 hopefuls never really get to have their shot. Ben Elton takes us behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour of reality television and takes us into the murky world of Mingers, Blingers and Clingers, the codenames for all the saddos and desperados who desperately want to win a chance at fame. Because as Calvin Simms, the shows creator, always says it's not really about the music is it?

I loved every minute of reading this book. Elton pokes fun at every aspect of reality 'talent' shows from the manufactured drama to the personalities of the judges and contestants that whether you love them or hate them, you're pretty much guaranteed a laugh with this book. Elton has cemented himself as a king of satire, and in Chart Throb it's easy to see why.

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