Sunday, 3 May 2015

April in Review on Sundays and Ink

Obligitory quote about the past month going waaay to fast, coming at you in April just flew by didn't it? Here are a few things I have been loving this month:

Great reads. I got through quite a few good books during April from a varying number of genres. Take a look at reviews from The Son by Jo Nesbo - a thrilling Norwegian crime novel, The Painted Sky - a gripping Australian drama, and The Husband's Secret - another Aussie family drama.

Camera lust. April seemed to be the month of sales, and I dabbled with the idea of buying a brand new DSLR. I had my eye on an entry-level Canon 1200D when the camera salesman, helpful as he was pointed me in the direction of the Olympus E-PL5. I had seen some very lucky bloggers get these for free (ugh so jealous) and rave about them but never took much notice beyond that until one was taken off the shelf for me. These bad boys are amazing. Light as a feather and about half the size of what I was originally gunning for. The only downside? Their $700ish pricetag. Guess I'll be saving those pennies a little longer.

Baking Healthy Treats. Ever since reading I Quit Sugar at the start of the year I have been cutting down on my daily sugar intake. Madeline Shaw's amazing healthy and delicious recipes have helped to keep my sanity whenever I feel like a sweet fix. I particularly love her chocolate and orange raw balls recipe as it requires no cooking!

It's Autumn! I think moving to Australia has given me a new appreciation for seasons. Autumn lasts for about two weeks (and I think we are in it now hooray!) going from balmy summer nights to cool and crisp winter days. The leaves are finally starting to turn which means a few of my favourite things can happen: Berry coloured lipstick, burning candles and snuggling with a blanket and a good book, plus hot chocolates, warm desserts and backyard bonfires that don't set your grass on fire, get an honourable mention.

Dreaming of Bali. We finally booked our tickets for Bali next month for a friends wedding. It's never been a destination I've thought about going to, despite it's proximity to where we live. I guess too many Aussie bogans have kind of ruined the holiday/peacefulness vibe and places like Kuta seem a bit too touristy and drunk for my liking. Fortunately Bali has a lot to offer and we are spending the week in Ubud! I'm so excited as we are staying in a resort and I've never had a luxurious kind of holiday before. Bring on the spa slippers and poolside cocktails.

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