Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Five Reasons E-Books Have Won (Some Of) My Heart

We bought a kindle for the first time two years ago. I used it a grand total of once before it was lost on our last holiday (fortunately it was used all the time by the boyfriend so it was a good use of money). It's not until now that we don't have one, I've been thinking about how handy they really are. Typical huh? Here are five reasons I will be repurchasing and actually using a new e-reader.

Cheap Books. I don't know about where you live but in Australia books are actually pretty expensive. I'm always happy to shell out money for my favourites books, ditto for stunning covers, but it's nice to be able to spend less than ten dollars on a novel if you are not sure you are going to enjoy it.

Reading Lesser-Known Authors. This is the main reason for me wanting a new e-reader. Since starting this blog I've discovered quite a few little-known authors (in the grand scheme of things) who only have ebooks available. I always have my iPad to read on but it's truly a horrible reading experience and I never ever finish anything on it. I'm excited to be able to introduce new authors into my bookshelf, if only electronically.

Travel. Yep, I've said it before, I'm that noob who packs three paperbacks in her luggage to take on holiday. (My biggest book travel mistake is swapping The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for The Alchemist with a backpacker - hated it, want my TGWTDT back!) In comparison e-books are tiny, lighter and leave more more room for important things such as snacks in my carry on.

That Handy Percentage Sign. I actually think I forced myself to read more because I love knowing how much of the book I have left to read and it makes me weirdly competitive with myself. Sad but true.

The Handy Dandy Dictionary. I am way too lazy to look up an actual online dictionary so usually I just sumise what I think they mean. E-readers on the other hand have the amazing ability to tell you! No more demystifying confusing words and potentially embaressing myself by trying to use them in the wrong context. Win, win!

Are you an e-reader user or do you prefer paper copies?



  1. I prefer ebooks because they're more convenient. My house is small, so a huge bookshelf is not an option. My other reason is I tend to read huge books lie GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire series and they're more than 100 pages long, and I believe they're to heavy for a petite and skinny person like me :P
    As a non native English speaker, I also think the dictionary is one of the best feature of an E-reader.
    Ha, I used to put a book into my handbag during travel and it broke my bag to pieces, never again lol

    1. True, heavy books are a pain, especially when you are trying to read in bed on your back, my arms can't take it! I'm so annoyed im just seeing the value of an e-reader now we lost ours!


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