Thursday, 7 May 2015

May New Release Books

Off the Page by Jodi Picoult. I do love when an author well known for one genre switches sides. This YA novel mixes romance with magic and is pretty much the cutest sounding storyline ever. Sixteen year old Delilah is united with her literal prince Oliver, taken from the pages of a fairy tale. But the only way he can survive in the real world is to take the place of a real boy.

Luckiest Girl Around by Jessica Knoll. After a shocking public humiliation at her private school Ani Fa Nelli has reinvented herself with a fabulous job, expensive clothing and a gorgeous fiance. But her buried past threatens to surface and destroy everything she has worked so hard to become. Exploring the unbearable pressure to "have it all", Ani's big secret has the capacity to destory her or it might just set her free.

Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry. You all know by now my love for historical novels and I think the turn-of-the-(last)-century has to take the cake for my favourite time period to read about. This novel takes us to New York where the lives of four strangers become intertwined. Sylvian Threadgill, finds an abandoned baby amongst the privies he is cleaning out. As an orphan himself Sylvian is determined to find who the baby belongs to. Meanwhile Odile and Belle Church were raised amongst the Church of Marvels, a Coney Island slideshow. When the church burns to the ground killing their mother and sending Belle running, Odile is alone and desperate to find her sister. The fourth stranger, a Alphie awakens in a lunatic asylum, convinced her inprisonment is part of her mother-in-law's plans to destroy her. As there lives become connected, the characters stories, lies and secrets start to unfold.

Girl at War by Sara Novic. In the summer of 1991, ten year old Ana Juric is a carefree child running the streets of Croatia's captial Zagreb without a care in the world. But as civil war breaks out across Yugoslavia, Ana's childhood is lost to sniper fire and guerilla warfare. A daring escape to America becomes her only chance of survival. Ten years on and Ana is now in college in New York. Her war-torn past is kept a secret from friends and everyone now close to her. Haunted by her past, Ana decides to rreturn to Croatia to search for the ghosts she has lost.

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