Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Authors On My Reading List

Eliza Gordon. It was originally the quirky title and cute cover of 'Must Love Otters' that caught my attention on Goodreads and after reading the blurbs of this book and 'Neurotica,' I now have two e-books at the very top of my want to read list. Gordon writes contemporary romance novels and her twenty-something-year-old heroines trying to figure out their lives/jobs/relationships is definitely something I can relate to. I do much prefer romance books that promise to be funny rather than overly sweet and the descriptions alone for both of these novels sound great.

In 'Must Love Otters' Hollie Porter is a disillusioned 25-year-old with a shitty job and a boyfriend who's wrong for her. When Holly hits her breaking point on a 911 shift she cashes in a spa certificate from her Dad to a couples retreat, except this time she's going solo. With dreams of finding her beloved otters in the wild Holly instead goes from one misadventure to the next.

Neurotica sounds equally as entertaining. Jayne Dandy, Star Wars lover, obituary writer and rubber ducky fan is an intimacy phobe. When her therapist suggests writing erotica as a form of exposure Jayne begins writing a naughty novel. Unexpectedly laid off at work Jayne publishes her book -under a pseudonym - to earn extra cash. Meanwhile her best friend and owner of food truck Luke Piewalkers (ha genius) hires Jayne to help in the kitchen. Now Jayne is fighting to keep her writing a secret as well as growing chemistry between her and Luke.

Jan Moran is an author I follow on Twitter and her novel 'Scent of Triumph' had me at the beautiful cover. A historical romance that combines passion and perfume from Paris to Los Angeles, this novel sounds like a beautiful and epic tale. After escaping Poland with the threat of war on their doorstep French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt searches for her family across Europe. With what remains of her family intact Danielle flees to Los Angeles to make a new life for herself. From working lowly jobs to becoming perfumer and fashion designer to the Hollywood elite Danielle's rags to riches story is one of a determined and gritty woman who dreams of success.

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