Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Creepy Thriller: YOU by Caroline Kepnes

It's not often you get to read a Thriller from the point of view of the stalker so for that reason alone I was enthralled with You by Caroline Kepnes from the very beginning. Joe works at a bookstore in New York and when Genevieve Beck walks into his shop he knows that their future is destined to be together. He knows because Joe is stalking Beck and knows everything about her. But their relationship is no plain sailing. There are people who will need to be taken care of before Beck's full attention can be with Joe and once they are gone Beck will have no-one else to turn to.

The first time we meet Joe he is stalking Beck by watching her through the windows of her New York apartment. It's rather unsettling to be along for the ride with Joe, as he stalks his prey and plots how to make Beck fall for him. But he brings us in, he makes us feel comfortable and shares all his messed up thoughts and feelings that there were times when I felt like I  was the unstable psychopath for spending so much time in his head.

What I loved about this book is that is was entirely unexpected. Beck has secrets too and throughout the course of the book she almost seems as messed up as Joe. I had no idea which direction this book was going to go in, it seemed as though Beck and Joe would live happily ever after at times.    Captivating, creepy and even at times explicit, You is an addictive psychological thriller where passion and obsession tangle and nobody is who they first seem.

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