Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Six Month-On Review: Moreish Organic Skincare

I read a lot of beauty blogs and product recommendations before I shell out my cash for most products, but one thing I often wonder is if months after the initial love-at-first-use has passed, are those once raved about products still in use? I noticed my Moreish Organic Skincare review has been quite popular this last month so I thought it was time to give you an update on whether I'm still using it or not. And, I think I'll do a six monthly update on all reviews featured on this blog for beauty/skincare just so in the long term you can see whether I'm still smitten with a certain product.

Six months later I'm still using and loving the products I purchased from the Moreish Organic Skincare range. In fact I'm halfway through my second bottle of the cream cleanser and it's still giving me a lovely clean, non-tight non-greasy feeling to my freshly washed skin. Ditto I am still using and am pretty much in love with the clay mask. I'm definitely not as disciplined in using it as I was when I first bought it but using this mask is still a part of my ongoing skincare regime. It's still doing the job helping to clear my skin and I've noticed a difference when I forget to do it regularly. I'm only halfway through using the first tube I bought but will be repurchasing when it runs out.

The final product in my review was the exfoliator. While it's still a product I use regularly I've decided that when I get to the end of the tube I won't be repurchasing only because I'm looking at introducing some chemical exfoliators and toners into my skincare and don't see much of a need for repurchasing a manual exfoliant. That being said I am still enjoying using it and it still leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after use.

I hope you find these reviewed reviews helpful. I think products can sometimes be brilliant when first introduced to your regime but can lose their magic over a longer period. All in all I still recommend Moreish Organic Skincare as an affordable organic option that gives good results!

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