Monday, 1 June 2015

Authors to Note: Nick Hornby

This month for my 'Author' spotlight I thought I would focus on an author who has written one of my most favourite novels - High Fidelity - but who is also an author I haven't explored much outside of this one novel. The more I've read or heard about Nick Hornby's books the more I've added to my TBR book list. Here are my picks which I'll be adding and hopefully reading very soon:

High Fidelity: One of my favourite and probably most-read books in my collection. High Fidelity is as much a book about great music as it is about relationships. Failing record-store owner Rob explores his record collection and his past relationships after a breakup with his current girlfriend. Hilarious to read, Rob is both arrogant and hopelessly immature yet Nick Hornby has that knack of making us want to befriend him anyway.

About A Boy: I adore the movie starring Hugh Grant so I'm sure the novel will be just as good if not better. If there is one thing that I think Nick Hornby is fantastic at it's taking flawed and somewhat arsehole-ish characters and making them not only relatable but likeable. This is the tale of an unlikely friendship between perpetual man-child Will and Marcus a 12-year-old who probably couldn't get any less cool.

Long Way Down: Martin, JJ, Jess and Maureen are four very different individuals with one thing in common. They meet - unmeaningly - on the rooftop of a London building on New Years Eve, each with a plan to kill themselves. Instead of going through with their intentions, they make a pact to help each other through the next six months and if nothing has improved in their lives they'll then take the final plunge from the rooftop. Touching, funny and moving, this novel explores what has lead these four lost souls into considering ending their lives and the power of hope and friendship.

Funny Girl: Set in the 1960s Sophie Straw has successfully made the transition from Blackpool beauty queen to nationally adored comedy star. But when the scripts start to become too much like real life each member of their cast and crew will face a decision to stay with the show or move on. For Sophie, television fame is all she has ever dreamed of and a return to the streets of Blackpool would be unthinkable, but will the future have Sophie's name up in lights?


  1. I love Nick Hornby too! His writing is brilliant. He's not too bad with his screenplays either. Funny Girl's brilliant-I have High Fidelity & About A Boy on my to-read list.

  2. High Fidelity is one of my all-time fave books so I recommend it! Yes, I've heard he is also writes screenplays, talented lad! I've added all the books to my need-to-read-immediately list.


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