Thursday, 16 July 2015

Book Review: A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

What happens when the person who looks for those who are missing disappears?

The disappearance of a childhood classmate sets Sandy Shortt on a path to find the missing. Whether it’s a lost sock, misplaced items or more seriously solving missing persons cases, Sandy can’t let go until she finds what is lost. Sandy spends her adult life looking for those people, whose loved ones want answers to. When Jack Ruttle asks for the help of Sandy to find his missing brother she offers him a glimmer of hope. Except that on the day Jack is due to meet Sandy, she’s nowhere to be found. Her car is parked near where they plan to meet and Jack can see his brother’s case file sitting in the window. What happens when the person who looks for those who are missing, disappears?

I have to hand it to Cecilia Ahern for coming up with fantastic story lines that don’t always involve a world that stays true to reality. In ‘A Place Called Here’ Sandy finds that she has disappeared, although she’s not entirely sure where she is. I really enjoyed reading about the world of lost things that Cecelia had created and learning more about the people who inhabited this space called ‘here’.

Sandy’s life of searching for those who are lost had caused her to become cut adrift from those she was once close to. Finding others who were cared for became more important, so when Sandy finds herself in a place where lost people go, she finally considered what it would mean to never see the people she had cut herself off from. Desperate to not be lost forever, Sandy with the help of some other lost souls, finally starts to consider the life she has run from and abandoned as being the only home she wants to go back to.

Cecelia Ahern’s easy writing style and unusual plot twist made this an enjoyable and quick holiday read for me. While I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite story from this author there were still enough emotional tugs to have me invested in the story and actually wanting Sandy to be found again.

Book Rating: ***

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