Sunday, 19 July 2015

Making Goals: 30 Days to Awesomeness

I’m a serial quitter when it comes to some things. When I think of all the skills or new hobbies I’ve taken up and quit over the years its pretty obvious that stickability has not always been my strong suit. For the most part I have to say it doesn’t bother me much, I don’t have any regrets that team sports and musical pursuits were abandoned for party nights and sleep ins in my early twenties, but there are some things which I really wish I had mastered the habit of or just dedicated more time to.

Thirty day challenges aren’t anything new, but if the old saying practice makes perfect is right then dedicating a month to learning a new skill seems like a great way to finally tackle my ‘I wish I knew how to….list.’ Even if it is just ten or twenty minutes after work and on weekends here are some skills I’m always saying I wish I had spent time on:

Learning how to braid. I have approximately four hairstyles, straight, wavy, pony, and ballerina bun so thank god for lipstick offering some diversity in my facial region. I would love to learn how to braid – nothing extreme, maybe just a bit of fishtail or dutch braids to spice up my already mastered ponytails.

Writing. While I am dedicating time to writing I definitely have been slack on gaining any kind of momentum in getting lots of consecutive days where I sit down and write. Often it’s more like weeks apart and 30 days of having to get some words on a page sounds like excellent motivation.

Mastering the cat eye flick. This is one of the only areas of my makeup regime I feel I am completely pants at. The trouble is I never think to sit down and practice and it’s only when I’m rummaging around in my makeup drawer in a panic trying to shove as many products onto my face that I think of cracking out the liquid eyeliner. Yea, it’s a recipe for disaster and only results in bundles of black stained makeup remover pads. 

Learning French. Before I went to Europe in 2012 I signed up to a really awesome online French course and actually had a really fun time learning all the foods (how to order Nutella crepes mainly lets be honest.) There’s not been much reason for me to know French considering how far away from the continent we are but since I dream of returning I’d love to be able to brush up on my pastry ordering skills. 

Getting stretchy. I’ve been doing pilates for almost two years now and while I’ve definitely noticed how much stronger I’ve become I’m really not great at pushing myself to embrace the pain of stretching meaning I'm about as flexible as a metal pole. 30 days of stretching would not just be great for my workouts but its super relaxing too so I'm sure having the added napping benefits would be enough encouragement.

I’ve just realised there are five full months left for 2015 so perhaps August is time to start my thirty days to awesomeness. I’d love to know if you have ever completed any thirty day challenges or what you would love to learn in thirty days?


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