Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Winter Mornings and Birthday Berry Crepes

Here in Australia we are officially one month into Winter and while the weather hasn't been too bad - the first day of Winter had me sitting in jeans and a tee outside in the backyard - oh boy are the mornings getting frosty. The other morning in a rush to leave for work I took some snaps of the pretty sun rays and fog creeping through the trees in the park across from our house. It was such a lovely sight to open my door to and it's made me want to start carrying my camera around a lot more so I can take more of these spontaneous pictures.

In other equally as exciting news (ha) I made some delicious homemade crepes - okay the recipe has like four ingredients so it's not like that's a brag or anything - as a nice way to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. He was quite content not to do anything on the actual day but even people who insist they don't want to do anything celebratory can be coerced into berry and nutella crepes made specially for them.

I think I need to crack this recipe out more often as they really only take two minutes to russle up and are a quicker and easier alternative to pancakes. A quick sprinkle of icing sugar over the top had them looking all professional-like and the good news is that we still have extra leftover mixture for a second round of easy dessert tonight. I have to say I was inspired by our stay in Bali where the resort chef's would whip up the softest crepes filled with fresh coconut shavings and lemon, that come summer I'll definitely be adding this fresh fruit version to my shopping list. Until then, nutella and strawberries make a pretty good second place.


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