Thursday, 6 August 2015

Books On My 'Want to Read' List

I've updated the handy little list on my phone for whenever I stumble across a great sounding book. Here's what's been catching my eye lately:

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. Continuing with my love of crime and thriller fiction this novel has been catching my eye for it’s great reviews. Silent Scream is also the first novel in a series about Detective Inspector Kim Stone and I do love a good thriller series, plus I don’t think I’ve read many with badass female leads so Im hoping this book delivers!

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robertson. Annie and Kate are two old friends who both have secrets that they are desperate to escape from. Even the blurb to this book is super cryptic barely giving anything more away which just makes me want to find out all the plot twists and juicy bits!

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind. I love historically set novels and even more so when they have really interesting subject matters. Set in the 18th Century Jean Baptiste Grenouille is born with the gift of an absolute sense of smell. His genius leads him on a quest to capture the scents of objects until one day he catches the scent of a beautiful young virgin. I can already imagine how rich and beautiful the subject of this book could be but interlaced with the madness of Jean Baptiste’s search for his prized scent things could get pretty dark and creepy too.

The Girl on The Train by Jennifer Close. I read Gone Girl and it blew me away and although every review I’ve read has said the only this book has similar to Gone Girl is that a) it has a female lead character and b) it’s a thriller with Girl in the title, it still sounds like a thrilling and mysterious read.

Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre. First of all I love books that are a little bit out of the box with their genres and aren’t quite able to be pegged into one spot. Also I think the cover art for Viper Wine is amazing and I need to buy this asap. Set in 1632 the ladies at the court of Charles 1 are beginning to look suspiciously alike. A new tonic, Viper Wine is to blame. Fading beauty Venetia Stanley is keen to get her hands on the tonic. Interspersed with recipes of  17th century beauty potions and mentions of David Bowie, Viper Wine combines fascinating stories from the modern day with this historically set story to illustrate our long standing obsession with women’s beauty.


  1. You HAVE to read Girl on the train! It is SOOOO good!!! I feel like that's over the top but it was gripping to me.

  2. Love your enthusiasm, now I really want to read it!


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