Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I Need Your YA Book Recommendations!

The Young Adult book scene is one that has exploded not just in the publishing industry but in the book blogging community. But after six months of me vowing to try and read more outside my 'usual' genre's I've really only picked up one YA novel during this time. Truthfully I have no idea where to start, which is why I need your help!

I think the main reasons for my aversion to reading this genre is that there are two categories often represented that I'm not particulary big on - romance and 'things that centre too much around high school.' Okay, so I made that last category up but even when I was at high school (and for the record I loved my high school years, I just don't think they are the best time of our lives. Trust me no-one wants to peak that early) I was never that interested in reading about them. But, I know these type of books only take up a teeny tiny smidgeon of what's on offer from YA fiction.

So, if you've got a book you particularly enjoyed please let me know! My first and only foray into YA was with The Diviners by Libba Bray and it might just be the best book I will read this year so I really am looking forward to finding some gems from this genre. To the comments with your suggestions!

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  1. Sorry I am a bit late in seeing this post but maybe since as a librarian I have worked with YA clientele I can suggest a couple of titles that might interest you. Just off the top of my head I can think of a couple of books by Australian authors, one is a tense account of an Australian Pakistani girl who finds herself back in Pakistan facing an arranged marriage, the book is called Marrying Ameera by Roseanne Hawke more a thriller that explores some pretty complex issues than what you usually get with YA. Or maybe Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley about a group of four teenagers who are on the point of finishing high school and starting adult life. Still a book that involves some romance and high school but mostly about entering adulthood and I really liked the way the book also discussed art. The whole novel takes place over a 24 hour period. Another author who writes quite compelling YA is Melina Marchetta, I would suggest On Jellicoe Road. Just some random ideas but maybe something there will catch your eye.


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