Sunday, 9 August 2015

Making Time For Reading

Despite having a book blog and having a love of books I still struggle to find time to fit it into my everyday habits. Part of the reason I wanted to start my blog was how much I missed finding time to read and I have to admit blogging definitly helps with extra motivation. But, still too often when I go to sit down with a book I feel the pull of something else that needs to be done, I think about how I should be cleaning or tidying or working on my writing, getting started on our renovations again or I get completely sidetracked by Youtube videos and catching up on my blogging reading list.

Thankfully I haven't felt like keeping this little space on the internet alive is a chore in any way shape or form. In fact my want to read list, authors I want to check out and new genres I want to delve into only seems to be getting longer and longer and over the past year or so there's barely been a book I've picked up where I've either hated it or just become truly bored with reading. I guess that in itself deserves a virtual high five, but still I think finding time to read without feeling guilty about it is my next goal.

Here are some easy ways I've thought about making more time for reading:
  • I usually catch up on blog posts in the morning over my breakfast but the most obvious thing to do would be swapping this out for one of my books.
  • Getting into audio books, I love this idea for when we start renovating our next room as I find painting to be soooooo tedious although I have no idea where to start with picking a good one.
  • Taking a book to work. Most of the time I spend lunch breaks with my co-workers but every now and then when I'm required to man the office I thought half an hour with a book is a perfect solution.
  • Taking more baths. I've never been much of a bath person but since our bathroom has been renovated and we had to spend six months with a makeshift outdoor shower I've started to really appreciate our little transformed space. The best part is their ain't much to do in the bath so grabbing a book is the perfect way to spend half an hour.
Do you have any ways you like to slip in some reading time every day?


  1. I read this post a few days ago and meant to come back and comment when I had more time. Time is such a big thing especially when you blog about books. I love the discipline that blogging can lend to reading but I am also guilty of letting screen time distract from reading time.
    Definitely take a book to work, I always have something to read in my bag for those times when I might be caught waiting for something or someone, I hate the thought of ever missing out on any precious reading time and reading in the bath is a great idea, peaceful soaking time with a good book always good. I sometimes use an audio book to supplement my reading so that I can plug in and continue listening while getting dinner or doing other dull household activities. I tend to use lit2go or librivox with classics. I am not really a convert to audio books except to supplement my reading when I have to do other menial tasks I seem to prefer actual reading to listening. but I do think audio books are a great idea for long car trips or walking the dog.
    Happy reading, hope you can squeeze in lots of reading time.

  2. I have never tried audio book, but after reading this post I am seriously considering to give it a try. I also read during work lunch break, after having my cup of coffee. The down side it, that's the time when I feel tired and extremely sleepy, so I can only read two or three chapters.

    I usually read a lot during weekend. I am happy to say that now my children are able to entertain themselves, I have more reading time. Yay!


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