Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Recent Reads:Candace Bushnell & Marian Keyes

Last month when I went perusing the aisles of my local library I really fancied some lighthearted reads that wouldn't take too much brainpower or emotion to get through. Thus two novels from authors who are well known for their wit and whimsy made their way home with me. Seeing as both books turned out to have very similar plots I thought I'd pop them into one quick review. Also, I may have forgotten to actually photograph them both together but isn't that Marian Keyes cover just so prettttty?

The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes :: Stella Sweeney is an ordinary mother, wife and beautician working in Dublin when two rather dramatic events put her life on a different course forever. One, a pranged car driven by a man in a Range Rover and Two, a terrible illness that leaves Stella only able to blink to communicate with her family and doctor for a year. When an opportunity for success and stardom comes Stella's way she finally has the chance to make something great for her life.

Marian Keyes for a long time was one of my favourite authors. I pretty much binge read her entire back catalogue of novels and for the past couple of years have forgotten to pick up her newer books. I can say for certain that the Woman Who Stole My Life is a classic Marian Keyes novel. It's funny and light-hearted and full of great characters and testing situations.Sounds good right?

The only problem is that when it comes to making those major life decisions Stella doesn't really deliver. I was a little disappointed at the lack of character development especially when the books whole premise is whether Stella will reach for her dreams. In reality a lot of other characters make decisions for her and by the end of the novel when this was still happening it was actually pretty disappointing.

Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell :: Pandy PJ Wallis is the author behind the bestselling book series turned movie franchise Monica. But when Monica's star finally overshadows her own PJ decides it's about time to kill off the beloved character once and for all.

I'll be honest and say I have really 'meh' feelings about this book. Candace Bushnell's characters (like PJ Wallis) are the elite variety and while there's something fun to read about the lives of the rich and famous I also felt PJ wasn't a very memorable character.

There's something about Bushnell's books that have just never hit the right note with me - yes they are snarky and fun but I guess that's why I often come away feeling like none of the characters have really grown on me much. Again the character development in this novel was pretty lacklustre as PJ didn't really grow or change throughout the book.

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