Thursday, 12 November 2015

Beauty Game Changers

It's only in the last couple of years that I've really started to get into the nitty gritty side of beauty. I'd always been about the instant results when it came to makeup, the pretty eyeshadows or adding a punchy lipstick to my collection but more recently it's the unsung heroes in my beauty stash that have been making the biggest different. Here are my top beauty game changers and why I love them so:

Eyelash curlers :: I, like many people, had heard people harp on about how much of a difference curling your eyelashes makes to open up your peepers but never jumped on board this bandwagon. While I didn't shell out major dosh for a pair of Shu Umeura's even my little drugstore pair make such a big difference. Who knew your mascara was only doing half the job?

Toners :: The often forgotten about and murky watered step that is the toner has made such a big difference to my skin! This is where I truly think drugstore and supermarket brand just don't cut the mustard and investing in something a little more pricey is the way to go. My two favourites are REN Clarifying Toner ($30 from Mecca Cosmetica) for making a big difference in my spotty adult skin and Clarins Brightening Toner for perking up and exfoliating my complexion. If, like me you're still looking for a way to get monthly breakouts under control I highly recommend picking up a bottle of the REN Clarifying Toner!

Primers :: Being an oily/combo/what the fuck is my skin up to type of girl primers have always been my makeup best friend, but it's the oil free soaking-that-stuff-up kind that has really put primers into game-changer territory. If you're not of the same skin type as me worry not as there is a primer out there to meet every want and need, (I'm particularly fond of the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer for keeping my face shine free, while the Laura Mercier Radiant Primer brings a seriously luscious amount of glow.)

What are your favourite beauty game-changing products?

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