Friday, 15 January 2016

Ten Wardrobe Updates for 2016

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Just as I have visions of my perfect bookshelf being a collection of well loved and carefully curated books my ideal wardrobe is small but with every piece used and loved. It's been a bit of a mission of mine to refine my wardrobe year after year - it's a long process I tell ya - and I slowly think I'm getting there.

My most recent trip interstate had me packing a suitcase which turned out to be almost perfect for every occasion we went on - city, beach and outdoor trips included. There are still a few tweaks, culls and purchases to be made before I'm 100% happy. Here are ten items that I would like to add to my wardrobe in 2016.

Cropped Sweatshirt :: Being a tiny person (holla to all my petite girls out there) I wear a lot of high waisted jeans and skirts to make the most of what stunted leg length I've been blessed with. Normal sweaters just don't seem to cut the mustard and can be a bit too bulky tucked in and swamp my short frame when untucked. The cropped sweatshirt is the perfect solution!

Leather jacket :: I've been holding off on buying a leather jacket until I find one I really really like as I'd like to invest a wee bit of money in it. The perfect throw on solution to just about every casual outfit and something that is definitely needed in my wardrobe.

Heeled black boots :: One of the most worn items of my shoedrobe (that's a word right?!) has to be my black flat ankle boots but they justv don't have that extra something that takes them from work to nighttime appropriate. Finding the right ankle cut off point is key though - short girl problems again.

Little black bag :: I love being hands free when shopping/eating/going out and a cross body black bag for nighttime is pretty high on my wish list. I've spied a pretty faux ponyhair one from Status Anxiety that gives me all kind of heart palpatations and I love that it's as perfect for a night out in dresses and heels or jeans and a tee.

Smart coat :: Whether it be a trench coat (I spied a dusty pink Coach one in Melbourne that made my heart melt) or a sophisticated leopard-ish number my black totally-not-made-of-wool coat isn't the tidiest thing for wearing out out, if you know what I mean.

Studded heels :: Okay okay, these are by no means a necessary item to my wardrobe but they are so pretty!! I've been after a pair of studded flats or heels for a while now and nothing has fitted right or flattered me plus these bad boys are only a 9cm heel meaning I won't be tottering around like an idiot. Ugh, so pretty!

Casual jersey dress :: Last year I found the perfect striped dress. It was number five million that I tried on but is the perfect solution to 'don't know what to wear days.' It's perfect for everything from shopping to aeroplane journeys to movies, date nights and Sunday slob days and it made me realise that I need a backup for when it's in the wash.

Black A-line skirt :: Because A-line skirts are my jam; they're so flattering and easy to wear and yet I don't have one in black which is kind of ridiculous considering how much of a gap it would fill in my wardrobe both for work and more dressed up occasions.

Lace bralet :: Not only these bralets cute but they are also kind of functional in the way that normal bras aren't. I have a few tops that are lower cut in the arm holes and need a thiner strapped bra under the arms. The bonus is if you do end up accidentally flashing your underwear at least it's pretty to look at!

Slogan Tee :: Does anyone reall need a slogan tee? The answer to that my friends is yes, yes they do. Especially ones that reference Kendrick Lamar lyrics.

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