Monday, 29 February 2016

February Life and Style Favourites

Even though the weeks are flying by it feels like an age since I wrote my January Life and Style post which I suppose is a good sign. February has been a funny month as in some areas I feel like I've been making a lot of progress while other things I have completely slacked off on (here's looking at you exercise plan). Here are some of the things I've been loving for the month of February:

Setting mini writing goals :: This year was going to be the year that I worked on my first draft of a manuscript I've been thinking about writing for at least a year now. But when I thought about how many hours and thousands of words I needed to write this year it was kind of a daunting prospect. Instead I've set myself monthly word goals of 10,000 words and weekly goals of 2,500 which actually seem very manageable and I've even be exceeding them.

Interior Magazines :: I've always been more of a Pinterest/general website dweller when it comes to looking for interior inspiration but when a workmate gave me a stack of her Home Beautiful (doesn't that title just sound the wrong way around?!) magazines they have provided me with so much inspiration as well as local places to actually source stuff from. The internet is great but if you live outside the US/UK local magaizines are a great alternative.

My Skincare Regime :: It's been five weeks since I first saw a dermatologist about my skin and although my congestion issues are still being delt with it feels so much better. Yes my wallet has definitely taken a battering but it's nice to see results when it comes to how my skin feels under the surface and dehydration was really making me feel tight and uncomfortable.

Autumnal Fashion :: Although February is the last month of summer it's been damn hot the majority of the time but I'm so ready for cosy knitware and all of the layers. I picked up a really cute rust orange mock-turtleneck knit from Target (they are killing it at the moment with their fashions) and it's a nice nod to the 70s trend as well which is something I haven't really bought into.

Matte Eyeshadow :: Since I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to eyeshadow I usually prefer some type of shimmer on my lids but lately matte has been all that I've been reaching for. There are two neutral shades from my Naked Original Palette that I reach for on rotation and I have a couple of completely matte palletes on my radar.

How To Be Single :: I scored some free double passes to the movies a few weeks ago and had to give a shoutout to this film for actually following through on its progressive attitude. Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson are hilarious and I loved how its stance towards singledom was one of empowerment and not something we should fix. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious too so even if you're not single I highly recommend it for a date night!


  1. Great post! :-)

  2. Ah I second that breaking your writing up into mini goals is super helpful when you're feeling overwhelmed! and it gives you that great little feeling of achievement!


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