Sunday, 30 July 2017

Top 10 Inspirational Youtubers: Fashion & Finance

It might seem like fashion and finances are polar opposites especially when Youtube is chock full of haul videos but to me they are two sides of the same coin. Making smart decisions with your wardrobe not only saves you money but help you develop a better personal style. Here are ten Youtubers who I recommend binge watching pronto.

Justine Leconte
Justine is a French fashion designer with her own label, who lives in Germany. Her videos are super informative and cover things like the history of clothing, how to shop for your body type and trends in the fashion industry.

Lauren Messiah
Smarty, witty and totally stylish, Lauren is a personal stylist whose videos cover practical fashion questions, advice and tips. She has a super helpful Style Type series to help you nail down your personal sense of style.

Sugar Mamma
Cana is a financial advisor who offers loads of great advice on finances and shopping smart. She has a great minimalist mindset which I find really inspiring about loving and investing in the things that make you happy. She's also a total boss when it comes to investing.

The Financial Diet
Possibly one of the only blogs about money that make it interesting and fun?! Check out Lauren and Chelsea's Youtube videos for great advice on being smart with your money. They offer tips on everything from where to invest in your kitchen, how to not be broke at College and general financial advice for twenty to thirty something women.

Ashley Brooke
Ashley's channel recently went into an uproar over her 'How to Style' series ending. Fortunately this super-sweet New Yorker has brought them back. Overall her channel is fashion based and while it doesn't focus on buying less, I do find her style advice extremely helpful.

Daria Andronescu
Daria is a Russian personal stylist living in Europe and she is all about the capsule wardrobe. What's different about her is she loves colour and prints. Her videos are probably the most inspiring about how you can create a capsule wardrobe without it being black, white and denim focused. Her style is so not basic and for that I highly recommend watching.

Kristin Leo
My most recent ethical fashion discovery is Greek Youtuber Kristin Leo. She's vegan and all about ethical fashion encouraging thrift shopping and buying ethically sourced clothing. I really like her videos about shops she avoids (H&M, Ikea, Zara) as she is informative without shoving her message down your throat. Basically she makes you want to be a better person without hating yourself in the process.

Lindsay Albanese
Lindsay is an American celebrity personal stylist and has the biggest, bubbliest personality on Youtube. Her videos are just so damn helpful. It's practical fashion advice delivered in a friendly and fun way. She's also not adverse to throwing every rule out the window and just saying 'You do you.'

The Anna Edit
What started out as a beauty channel has merged into a bit of everything - fashion, beauty, fitness, food and interiors. The thing that's kept me watching over the years with Anna is she's all about that balanced life. Her capsule wardrobe series are informative and it's refreshing to see a youtuber with a paired back collection of things. If you're over 'keeping up with Joneses' then I thoroughly recommend giving her channel a watch!

Karen BritChick
Karen's love of fashion is infectious and she is a literal joy to watch. Her videos offer great advice on styling - she's done a great video on different ways to wear a button down shirt - you're sure to come away with a new way to wear what's already in your closet.

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