Saturday, 8 July 2017

Why Hello There! It's Been A While

I wasn't going to delve back into posting on here without being like, so, long time no see! So here it is my little hiatus from the internet explained. Basically 2016 was a year of big changes some good and some not so good. I finished renovating my house, moved countries at the end of the year from Australia to New Zealand and unfortunately ended a five year relationship in the process. There was a lot going on and writing this blog was the lowest on my list of priorities.

The good news is that amongst all of that to contend with there was also something exciting that kept me away from filling up this little space and that is this: I'm writing my first novel! While the shit was hitting the fan in my personal life last year I was also working on a submission to study a diploma in creative writing which is now my full time project this year. I'm about halfway through my first draft and hoping to play the long game of having my book finished at the end of next year. Who knows what will become of it! Hopefully this will be the first of many I write and whether I have the opportunity to publish traditionally through a publishing house or go it on my own as a self-published author, one day soon(ish) I hope to have my first book sitting on my own bookshelf.

After much deliberation and several attempts at getting locked out of my account for this blog (ha) I've decided to pick this back up as a hobby. The thing is, last year when I was trying to get my manuscript submission in and being the terrible procrastinator that I am, churning out a 200 word blog post was much easier than focusing on the mammoth task of writing a book, and the even more mammoth task of writing the first three chapters. My writing being my first priority I am hopeful that this can continue to be the fun space I started it for.

So, what can you expect in 2017? More book suggestions, round ups and keeping-it-casual reviews. With all my required reading done for my course now is also a pretty perfect time for me to get back into reading as it's been a long, long time since I ready anything just for fun.

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